Unicorn Newborn Baby Set


Invest in a unique baby gift that will be appreciated by the new parents for years to come.
Want a creative and fun baby shower gift? Give your little one the best start with our Crocheted Unicorn set!

A baby’s first moments of life are precious, and they deserve a beautiful and unique gift.
Mom and dad, be sure that your baby has the best quality of his or her needs. Be sure you’re always there to take care of them.

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The set is suitable for a baby in the age range of 0-3 months.

• The set is composed of high-quality products, which are made of carefully selected materials.

• The Crocheted Blanket is made of cotton yarn, so it’s machine washable and durable and will keep your baby warm and comfortable in winter, and in summer

the blanket will help to maintain the temperature by absorbing sweat.

• The booties the size of the newborn are for preventing your baby’s feet from feeling cold in winter and are designed to keep your baby warm, and cozy.

Unicorn Blanket

• A rattle that can be used as a teether and as a toy for babies when they are developing their motor skills.

• With the pacifier holder, you can clip your baby’s pacifier on their clothes with ease, so that the pacifier doesn’t fall.

• A bottle cover with size 600 ml.


This item is shipped from Egypt. Please allow 10 business days for my work, before shipping.
**Can also be made to order in different sizes or colors.


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