Red Leaves Hat


It’s hard to find a hat that’s both good-looking and warm. With this awesome crocheted leaves hat, your little one will be fashionable and cozy all winter long!

Fall is rumbling around the corner, and winter isn’t too far after. It’s time to get ready for the changing seasons. With this beautiful crocheted leaves hat, your kid’s head will be warm and comfortable for the cold weather ahead. Your kid will want to wear it every day since it’s so soft and lightweight.


  • Snug, crocheted hat designed to look good and keep little heads warm.

  • Soft and cozy, made from 49% wool and 51% acrylic yarn.

    Red leaves Hat

  • The hat is perfect for chilly autumn days that are sure to come, or winter blizzards.

  • Durable and stretchy, made from a stylish fabric that’s both soft and warm

  • Warm and cozy all winter long without the hassle of tying any knots or worrying about loose threads – just slip it over their head and they’re good to go!

This item is shipped from Egypt. Please allow 10 business days for my work, before shipping.
**Can also be made to order in different sizes or colors.


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