Owl Toddler Hat


The Owl Toddler Hats are the perfect gift to keep your little one warm. They make the perfect accessory on cold days and they’re a great conversation starter! The hats can be made with either a sleepy or awake owl, the choice is yours. These whimsical crocheted hats are full of personality and each one is unique. Sleepy owls are made with closed eyes and eyelashes. Awake owls feature detailed stitching and

This is the perfect hat for your cutie pie! Get them this cute and trendy crocheted owl toddler hat made from 100% cotton yarn that is soft, breathable, and machine washable. These fun hats come in a variety of styles with various shapes and sizes. Choose from sleepy owls with closed eyes and eyelashes or awake owls for more detail.

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  • Keeps your little one warm on cold days

  • The perfect accessory that’s sure to make you smile

  • Comes in two fun designs, so you’re sure to find one perfect for your child

  • Choose from sleepy or awake owls, with a cute crown for the perfect touch

  • Made to order, so every hat is unique and bespoke. Customized to your liking

  • Made with cotton and polyester materials, so it can withstand being washed time and time again.

This item is shipped from Egypt. Please allow 10 business days for my work, before shipping.
**Can also be made to order in different sizes or colors.


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