Envelope Wall Hanging Basket


Do you keep your valuables in a drawer? Don’t you hate it when they get all tangled up with your clothes? Easily store all your important items in our Hanging Basket. Made of high-quality Turkish Ribbon Yarn, the hanging basket is soft, lightweight, and wide enough to hold anything from makeup to stacks of cash. It’s a great gift idea!

  • Made of high quality and durable Turkish Ribbon Yarn.

  • Features a wide, soft, and lightweight base that's great for storing all sorts of items.

  • The Hanging Basket makes a great gift Envelope Wall Hanging Basket

  • Keep all your valuables safe in one place

  • The Hanging Basket can be used to store any personal items. It has a beautiful design.

  • It is very convenient to store small items in wall baskets: spices, small toys, house keys, remote controls.⁣
  • It is also good as a planter for plants! It is very easy to use and clean.
  • You can wipe it with a wet cloth, rinse it with water then let it dry.⁣

    20cm wide and 35 cm hight

Washing: Do not tumble dry, no bleach, not iron or dry clean.⁣

This item is shipped from Egypt. Please allow 10 business days for my work, before shipping.


**Can also be made to order in different sizes or colors.


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