Abeer Allam

Crochet Designer

Janna Style started as a crochet brand, but it has since evolved into something much more than that. In fact, Janna Style embodies the essence of fun, colorful fashion accessories that are perfect for any occasion – from work to play, from home to school, and beyond! Janna Style isn’t just about clothes; it’s about turning your life into an adventure filled with joy and excitement. That’s why we love bright colors and bold patterns because nothing is more inspiring than that burst of happiness you feel when you look in the mirror after wearing one of our stylish accessories!



I didn’t grow up crocheting. In fact, I couldn’t stand it when my mother tried to teach me in middle school. Fast forward a decade or so and suddenly, my vision of what’s trending has changed drastically! Now, my eyes see trendy crochet jewelry and accessories everywhere I go. The only thing that hasn’t changed is my inability to understand how anyone can sit still long enough to complete such detailed pieces of art. However, that doesn’t stop me from admiring all things crochet! If you’re into creating your own fashion statement with yarn work, take a look at these amazing trends.

I love all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I always keep my eyes open for new trends and finding out what everyone is talking about. It’s really fun to bring your own style into your daily life and it gives you a great sense of confidence! 

Especially with fashion – it makes me happy when I can see someone wearing something different than what everyone else is wearing. It’s like having a signature piece of clothing that represents you and makes you stand out from everyone else.

Being a mom is hard work! Every day, I’m juggling a million different tasks. Whether it’s taking my kids to school, working full-time as an entrepreneur—I know for a fact that I couldn’t do any of these things without style. So how do I look so put together? My secret? I’ve found that one way to keep up with trends is having some really great tips and tricks! Here are some tried and true ways to save time with your outfit so you can spend more time doing what matters most: enjoying your life.

“In Crafting there are no mistakes just Unique Creations”

My Story

I’m an electrical engineer, and I started to crochet in 2007. I began to search the internet for more and more educational videos. 

 I began to understand videos in Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and any other language. I learned how to read those patterns as well. After practicing for a while, I began to sell my products in Egypt then exporting them to several countries.

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