Bazar Exhibition March 2021

Bazar Exhibition March 2021

Bazar Exhibition took place from 11th of March till 20th of March.

I was so excited to be in this exhibition as it was the first local exhibition to attend since 2010. 

The exhibition was well organized and it included a lot of handmade arts such as; leather art, painting, sculpture, handmade furniture,….. and much more.

I was so happy to be among those most talented artists I have ever met, which gave me a great amount of inspiration and I started to think that I have to design more projects including more than the art of crochet only and start to search for those talented artists in order to include their art in a project showing up.

This dream catcher was the magnet for all the kids whose parents were visiting the exhibition and it attracted them all the way to my partition which I was sharing with the very talented designer Shimaa Fekry. I was flattered as they run to the dream catcher and start to touch the feathers and start asking ” what’s that? what does it do? can we have one but much smaller?”. Wow! what a compliment to have from those pure creatures.

It was a great chance to examine my customers’ tastes and to get connected with new audiences.

Hope to see all of you soon.

Best wishes,

Abeer Allam.

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