About Us

Janna Style was created in 2010 by Abeer Allam.

We design, and create crochet products for your newborn babies and kids and we always take care of the details.

 All of our products are designed and made in Egypt. We have a high standard concerning materials and colors.

We deliver all over the world.

Our designs are always up to date to meet our customers’ satisfaction.

Girl's Blanket

The Inspiration Behind

Janna Style

Janna Style embodies the essence of fun, colorful fashion accessories that are perfect for any occasion!

Janna Style isn’t just about clothes; it’s about turning your kid’s life into an adventure filled with joy and excitement.

That’s why we love bright colors and bold patterns because nothing is more inspiring than that burst of happiness you feel when you look at your kid after having one of our stylish accessories!

Unique Crochet Designs From Around the Globe

 Making handmade products is a long process. Put up with hours of crocheting! Our products are made with care by hand and are guaranteed to be original and high-quality!

 We crochet each one with love and care.

Kids deserve the best, so we make all of our products with the finest quality materials.

Your kid deserves to have a handmade crocheted item all their own, made just for them.

Give your little one the best of the best in handmade crochet clothes!


Rose Hair Comb
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